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Any Idea of “How Forever Feels?” Hear it from Kenny Chesney

Any Idea of "How Forever Feels?" Hear it from Kenny Chesney 1
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For people who have not found it yet, their curiosity of “How Forever Feels” remains unsatisfied. So, if they’re looking for a song that would best fit their situation, Kenny Chesney offers a perfect one for them. They will find it easily relatable as the narrator in the song is on the same page.

“How Forever Feels” resonates with someone’s longing for a true and lasting love. The protagonist narrates the easy-go-lucky life that he had yet was never truly happy. He had everything in his hands except for that one important thing that could have made his life complete. In short, he’s been missing love in his life. Hence, he said he wants to know “how forever feels” with the partner he had for a long time.

I’ve been around the block a time or two
Done almost everything a boy can do
I’ve done some livin’, yeah I’ve had fun
But there is one thing that I haven’t done

The Song’s Details

Songwriters Wendell Mobley and Tony Mullins collaborated for the writing of the song. Initially, Tim McGraw recorded it and because of that, Chesney had a little hesitation in releasing his cover. But, for whatever reason, McGraw did not release his version. Upon learning that Chesney’s record reached No. 1, McGraw was the first person to feel happy for him. Although the song didn’t work for McGraw, he’s glad his co-country star had cut it and even brought atop the chart. Meanwhile, the You Had Me From Hello” singer disclosed what made the song appealing to him. Thanks to Jimmy Buffet and Richard Petty whose presence in the song had convinced Chesney to turn the tune into a country hit. Additionally, the song gave the singer his first Top 40 hit on the pop chart peaking at No. 27.

The song’s music video became the first of Chesney’s Caribbean beach-inspired videos. That later became the singer’s brand in his succeeding videos. Directed by Martin Kahan, the music video for “How Forever Feels” was shot on a location in St. Thomas VI. It was produced under Big Light Pictures.

Below is the music video for “How Forever Feels” by Chesney.

Here is Chesney’s live performance of his second No. 1 song.

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