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Just “How Big is God?” Stuart Hamblen’s Song Will Tell Us

Just "How Big is God?" Stuart Hamblen's Song Will Tell Us 1

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Man’s insatiable quest for knowledge and the advancement of science and technology enabled him to reach the outer space, orbit the earth, and estimate its size. It wasn’t an easy pursuit as it took years before such milestones were achieved. However, those have been made possible and they’re enormous proofs of man’s ability. Now, considering the world’s vastness and the one who created it. That leads us to the question, “How big is God” by the way? The answer to the query will vary from one person to another depending on his point of view. But today’s story will focus on our answer to the inquiry with reference to our relationship with God. This relationship provides the central theme of a song whose title mirrors the divisive question.

Country Western Gospel artist Carl Stuart Hamblen wrote the song “How Big is God.” For those whose belief in The Almighty is deep, they would consider Him as huge as beyond what’s imaginable. Likewise, people who kept an intimate relationship with God would take Him as too small that can live in their hearts. This is what the narrator of the song exactly conveys. “He’s big enough to rule the mighty universe / Yet small enough to live within my heart.”

To have a complete grasp of the song’s message, let us open our hearts as we listen to the tune. American singer and politician John Hall’s grand live performance of the song added further to the already immense nature of God.

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The Songwriter

Carl Stuart Hamblen was the son of Dr. James Henry Hamblen, an itinerant Methodist circuit preacher and the founder of the Evangelical Methodist Church denomination. He used to have multiple careers as a Country Western Gospel singer, composer, radio-movie personality, and master storyteller which all began in 1926. His long tenure on the radio enabled him to write numerous western songs, many of which are still being recorded today. In 1949, Stuart met Billy Graham while attending a prayer meeting with his wife at the home of Henrietta Mears. When the two had the chance to be alone, Stuart invited Graham to his radio show to promote his tent crusade which the latter did. Later on, Stuart converted to Christianity with Graham. He died on March 8, 1989.

Just "How Big is God?" Stuart Hamblen's Song Will Tell Us 2

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