August 30

“Houston” by Coldplay, Song for the Victims of Hurricane

"Houston" by Coldplay, Song for the Victims of Hurricane 1Coldplay canceled their concert last Friday in Houston, Texas, for the safety of the fans as Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the state. Ever since the storm has caused catastrophic damage throughout Texas. Harvey left at least ten dead, thousands displaced, and the city of Houston largely underwater.

Last Sunday, at the concert of Coldplay, they dedicated a new song to Houston. The song was written for both the city and the victims of the hurricane. In the spirit of Texas, “Houston” is the band’s take on a country song. “We all grew up loving country music and of course that’s what we think of when we go to Texas,” Martin said, adding that the performance of the song is a one-off that won’t happen again. He sings, “There’s a harmony that bonds down there in Houston / Oh, Houston you got to keep on keepin’ on.”

With the storm still wreaking havoc in what’s become one of the worst flooding disasters in U.S. history, other artists have lent their support by raising money for relief. Beyoncé, a Houston native, has announced she’s working with her foundation BeyGood to “implement a plan to help as many as we can.” Drake, who hosts an annual Houston appreciation festival, said he’s “working with local relief groups to aid and assist the people of Texas in any way we can and in the most immediate way possible.” Kevin Hart has donated $25,000 and challenged his famous peers to also contribute, many of whom have accepted. And on Tuesday, Disney announced it is donating $1 million to the American Red Cross.

It is truly amazing to see that not only country artist are the only one helping in times like this. How about you, what help did you give? Watch the video below and comment what you think about the song.


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