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“House of Gold”: George Jones and Melba Montgomery Rendition

george jones melba montgomery house of gold

Do you think money can buy everything? Is money enough in order for us to live a happy life? We can all agree that money is important in order to survive. We need it to buy food, to pay our bills and somehow to have a little bit of fun, like traveling or certain hobbies. However, excess money is a bit different, since too much money can lead to a selfish life. I think it’s okay to have a lot of money and share it with people in need, like donating to charity. Since when it’s the end of our life we can’t bring all of our money with us, all that we can bring with us is our faith in God and all the kindness and goodness we did in our lives.

“House of Gold” Hank Williams, Sr.

In 1954 “House of Gold” was originally performed by Hank Williams, Sr. It was a posthumous single that’s about finding God’s salvation instead of wanting all the richness of the world. This hymn is loved by many numerous artists who covered this song, including, George Hamilton IV, George Jones, Hank Williams, Jr., and Willie Nelson from 1956 to 2010.

“House of Gold” George Jones

In 1964, George Jones released his version of the song. The single was included on his second album with Melba Montgomery, Bluegrass Hootenanny. The version of the song was a duet between George Jones and Melba Montgomery. Their album Bluegrass Hootenanny peaked at No. 12 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums for 12 weeks.

The Content

Whether it be Williams’ version or that of George Jones, the meaning of the song is well said and inspiring. It’s all about knowing that money (excess) is not everything, because when we are at the end of our life it will not matter anymore. Yes, it’s difficult to say money doesn’t matter, but we must not be controlled by it. We must always remember that there are far more important things in life, like faith, love, kindness, and God. Sometimes it’s better to live a life that is simple but happy, rather than being rich and not knowing if you are happy and questioning life because true happiness is all about God.

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George Jones, Hank Williams Sr., house of gold, Melba Montgomery

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