August 13

Singing Atop a Horse? No Sweat for Rogers and Twain

A Four-Legged Friend – Roy Rogers (1952)

The featured clip was a scene from the 1952 comedy film, The Son of Paleface.

Roy Rogers effortlessly sang as his horse-buddy Trigger prances around. A true horseman, this singing cowboy with his stallion pal were an amusing sight in every film they starred in. The inseparable duo has been featured in more than a hundred Western films. Owing to these tandem’s consistent success in their acts, Rogers was dubbed the King of Cowboys.

Little Trigger and Trigger Jr.?

Rogers & Trigger pal moment. //upload.wikimedia.org
Rogers & Trigger pal moment. //upload.wikimedia.org

It’s still debatable which Palomino Rogers rode on for The Pale Face Son. Fans were divided between Little Trigger (born in1934) and Trigger Jr. (born in 1941). Taking it from Life magazine in 1943 as a source, Little Trigger’s appearances were exclusively for the Son of Paleface.  Trigger Jr., on the other hand, was used for the press.

That wonderful, one-two-three-four- legged friend.     

Trivia: In the full course of Roger’s career, he had mounted several horses. Three of them were Palominos including Little Trigger and Trigger Jr. The original Trigger was called The Old One.

True to Roy Rogers‘ words about horses being a faithful friend, better for a country girl to be “horse-crazy” than “boy-crazy.” Here’s another look back when Shania Twain surprises fans and guests during her Las Vegas concert. Brace yourself!

You’re Still the One –Shania Twain (2014)

A country girl will always be horse-crazy!

Again, I say, nothing beats the real thing! A real star showed-up with a living, breathing horse as her stage companion. And how we loved every minute of it!

In an interview released by the Irish Examiner in September 2017, Twain shared that bringing the horse on stage was therapeutic for her. It intensified her confidence.

“I do this liberty work with the horse… I do “You’re Still The One” with it, and it’s like this psychological distraction.

“This whole process of the number and not focusing on my voice really helped.”

Both magnificent creatures! Shania Twain & this white horse. (c) Courtney Vaugn // Pinterest
Both magnificent creatures! Shania Twain & this white horse. (c) Courtney Vaughn // Pinterest

So folks, a piece of advice; for good health and longevity, get yourself a four-legged friend. More specifically, a horse.

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