August 9

A Lookback to ‘Black Beauty’ Film, How it Delighted the Horse-Lover in You

Flashback in my adolescence years when most girls were boy-crazy, there I was; a horse-crazy girl.
My ears would always perk up for any horse story, be it oral or written. Funny how I could miss this movie considering it’s prominence in 1990’s, yet more so because of my fascination with horses.

Well, I did some digging and it was initially a novel by English author Anna Sewell released on November 24, 1877. Several movie makers thought it delightful to create a film adaptation of the book, screened it from 1917 to 1987, and in 1994, it turned out to be a major hit.

In a nutshell, this is a life story of a horse which had its share of love and cruelty in the hands of human masters. I bet many children and adults cried over the heartbreaking scenes in the movie (or parts in the book for those who read) where Black Beauty was brutally mistreated.

Anyway, here are my thoughts.
I love how the story was presented as Black Beauty’s autobiography (Oh wait, is that even the right term?) Regardless, everything was according to the horse’s perspective; from its cub years to its fate among different masters and to the time of its illness and death. Clearly, it’s a message against animal cruelty and the loyalty we receive when we treat them well. Realistically speaking, the horse was only anthropomorphic as written by its author. Still, the fact remains that animals have emotions, too. They act according to their animal nature, yet would respond like humans depending on our approach.

Getting personal, I say I could relate to Black Beauty’s struggles and train of thoughts. On several occasions when this life’s challenges takes its toll, I would often dream of my carefree and wild days. Still, life has to go on and you need to make choices. For things you can change, do so. Like the star horse in the movie, free yourself from any abuse and misconducts. Don’t be afraid to explore the ‘beyond’ of your current limits. Life, as they call it, is an adventure. Moreover, I was touched by the theme of forgiveness and hope included in Black Beauty’s story. While it’s true that life’s circumstances will never be perfect as we want them to be, it should not, however, steal our momentary happiness and days of bliss.

Have I piqued your curiosity yet? If so, below is a YouTube link for a clip featuring Black Beauty’s first years. Enjoy!



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