October 26

The Hoppers Sing of God’s Love in “God Raised the Ransom”

We keep on talking about God’s amazing gift of grace for all of humanity. That is no other than His only begotten Son, Jesus. But why not? Jesus Christ died on the cross to redeem us all from eternal damnation. He’s the very reason why we are all here today, and it just fits that we focus our attention on our Savior. Singing gospel songs that exalt our Lord is just one way for us to remember Him and God’s great love. His resurrection from the cross indicates a significant event in our lives as Christians. Thus, it is also important that we remember to honor this event as often as possible. Here’s a beautiful song that helps us exalt Christ’s resurrection. The song is called “God Raised the Ransom” by The Hoppers.

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Posted by Hoppers on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

“God Raised the Ransom”

The Southern Gospel group The Hoppers introduced the song “God Raised the Ransom.” The tune is meant for Easter Sunday given its theme of resurrection. However, it’s a beautiful song to sing at any Sunday during services. It exalts God raising Jesus Christ referred to as the “Ransom” from death. Such was a great work of a loving father to his son. Though He let Jesus suffer and die on the cross, He has never abandoned Him. Everything has been part of God’s plan.

The opening verse depicts the unconditional love of God. Seeing that His children on earth are becoming captives of sin, He thought of giving His one and only Son to save them. No matter how painful that may be, God’s selflessness prevailed.  And even if His son had to die, He raised Him from death and gave Him new and eternal life. As the chorus confirms,

God raised the Ransom Jesus paid it on the cross
There the purest of lambs was slain for the lost
Blood shed for a sin debt only Jesus could pay
God raised the Ransom on crucifixion day

Let us praise God for his amazing gift and honor Christ’s resurrection with the song “God Raised the Ransom” by The Hoppers.


God Raised the Ransom, Resurrection Song, The Hoppers

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