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“My Hope is Built on Nothing Less”: A Gracious Experience

"My Hope is Built on Nothing Less": A Gracious Experience 1
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“My Hope is Built on Nothing Less” is both the title and the first line of the hymn which was one of Edward Mote’s wonderful legacies to Christian hymnody. Published in 931 hymnals, this tune has since touched many Christian hearts as they listen to it and sing it. Founded on lyrics that exude hope and assurance that God will be with us until the end, it’s really impossible not to fall in love with the song. And while we tread on a rough road, we encounter countless trials and troubles, He serves as the solid rock we can cling to.

It has been proven how much this song has inspired many followers of Christ worldwide. However, it’s interesting to know the story of how such inspiration began with a dying woman. Yes, you’ve read it right. Fresh from its writing, this hymn was first sung by the author to a dying lady. The complete story is presented below.

Story and Inspiration of the Song

It was in 1834 when the hymn “My Hope is Built on Nothing Less” was written. It all began with the idea of the “Gracious Experience of a Christian” that Edward Mote randomly thought of. From there, he was able to compose in his mind the hymn’s chorus while walking to work:

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand

All other ground is sinking sand

Before that day ended, Mote has written the first four verses and safely kept the copy in his pocket. He visited a friend whose wife was very sick later that week. Unable to find a hymn to sing, he brought out the new lines he wrote and began singing it with the couple. Instantly, the lady liked the song and asked for a copy of it. After hearing this compliment, Mote became more inspired to finish the hymn. After adding two more verses to the first song, Mote sent the lyrics to a publisher. That was almost two centuries ago and until now, we still sing the hymn. As we do so, we declare by heart that we will cling to God’s saving hands in the midst of life’s storms.

Let God touch us as we listen to this beautiful song.

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Edward Mote, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

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