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Honoring his Baby Girl: Garth Brooks Performs ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’


Every now and then, our playlists get dominated by songs with memorable lyrics and amazingly compelling melody. Repetitive lyrics get stuck in our heads, dance-worthy tempos and rock anthems influence our moods, and songs sang by our favorite artists grab our full attention without question.

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Honoring his Baby Girl: Garth Brooks Performs  ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ 1

However, it’s not every day that we encounter a song that speaks so genuinely and vulnerably from the heart. Rarely do we also witness music artists we look up to, bare their hearts and souls for the whole world to see their deepest sentiments and raw thoughts about the people around them and the world at large? One of the exceptional occasions we got to witness such beautiful honesty was during one of Garth Brooks’ performances. There, the country artist showed the world the tender and sentimental side to his fatherhood. Belting out the lyrics to If Tomorrow Never Comes with intense emotional depth, Brooks softly calls out to his daughter in his Europe tour. He disclosed,

‘I got to dedicate this to my little girl, Taylor. And for now, for the past seven or eight shows I’ve [gotten] to dedicate it to not only her, but my brand new little girl, August as well.’

If Tomorrow Never Comes was written by Brooks and Kent Blazy and released back in 1989, during the month of August. It was the second single from the singer’s album, Garth Brooks. It is about a man who ponders on how his lover’s life would be what thoughts would in her mind if he were to be gone or dead the following day. The beautiful song reached the top spot on the Billboard Country Singles and was even hailed as the Favorite Country Single during the 1991 American Music Awards. The song also happens to be Brooks’ first country love song. After the success of his first romantic country piece, Garth Brooks went on to write more love songs to include in his future albums.

The audience was instantly enchanted as Brooks’ love for his daughters clearly resounded with every strum on his guitar, every word he sweetly sang. Surely, everyone who bore witness to the heartfelt performance will see the said song in a different, more delicate and loving light. At the same time, Garth Brooks did not fail to convey just how much he missed his daughters as his gestures also added to the strong message of his song. Said performance was taped about a decade before he announced his retirement, for the reason that he wanted to be able to concentrate more on his new family.

Garth Brooks’s first wife was Sandy Mahl. Their marriage bore three daughters—Allie Colleen, August Anna, and Taylor Mane. After parting ways with his first wife, he then married Trisha Yearwood.

If tomorrow never does come, Brooks would probably feel relieve and thankful that he was given the chance to dedicate such a heartfelt and sincere song to his daughter. Given his hectic schedule, he probably has rare chances to declare just how much he cares about his family.


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