January 26

In Honor of Sharon: Garth Brooks to Perform with Kent Blazy in a Show for a Cause

Nine years ago, Kent Blazy lost his wife, Sharon, to cancer. Blazy had played fundraisers at the Bluebird many times before. This time it was more personal. The beneficiary is Alive Hospice – what helped him and his wife during their struggle with cancer. His wife died the way she wanted to, peacefully at home with the help of the hospice. The couple had been through in the five years since doctors discovered Sharon’s brain tumor. Alive brought them honor and peace and Kent called them angels. Since then, Blazy has never missed the annual Alive Hospice show.

On Feb. 1, Blazy will do it again, with his very good friend, Garth Brooks and other artists by his side.

Like Blazy, many of the singers and songwriters who started out singing for a good cause have ended up needing hospice care for their mother or father or other family members. And because of that experience, the cause has become a passion.

In Honor of Sharon: Garth Brooks to Perform with Kent Blazy in a Show for a Cause 1

Sharon: Not Just a Spouse but Also a Gift to Kent

Sharon was a small but spirited Kentucky girl. Blazy was an energetic musician who grew up in Lexington. He was 24 years old when he met Sharon and making a go of it as a professional artist. Sharon was an event coordinator in one of Kent’s solo performances in Kentucky. Blazy felt like she was the star of the show to which he described of his spouse,

“It was almost like, when she walked into the room there was a light that shown.”

Blazy was in Oklahoma on a two-week writing session with Brooks when Sharon called a bad news. He observed that his wife keeps on forgetting things. A week later, Sharon started throwing up and acting incoherently. Blazy quickly brought her to St. Thomas hospital. Doctors said she had a brain tumor.

To Honor Her Memory

Garth Brooks and Kent Blazy wrote a lot of songs together. One funny song they did was “Somewhere Other Than The Night”. When Blazy wrote “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” with Brooks, he didn’t know how it would affect his life. And when he sits in the round to sing that song with Brooks at the Bluebird this year, he will remember the woman he wrote it for. He plans to borrow the guitar he used to write the song. It’s currently at the Country Music Hall of Fame. It will be a special event for Blazy. And not just to Blazy, when the duo plays, it will be 30 years ago to the day since they wrote it. A lot has happened to them. They have loved, lost and loved again. Until now, the words Blazy and Brooks penned together still resounds in our hearts.

“So tell that someone that you love

Just what you’re thinking of

If tomorrow never comes.”


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