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“Homecoming in Heaven”: When Death is Something You Fear Of

george jones homecoming in heaven

“Homecoming in Heaven” by George Jones is a song that will bring comfort to anyone who fears death. Death is something we don’t want to meet along the way. It’s scary to know that everything you work hard for will just be put to waste, or when you haven’t reached for your dreams yet and then death suddenly comes knocking at your door. That is why it is always good to live life fully today than to wait for tomorrow because we will never know what is going to happen.

Homecoming in Heaven

The 11th track in his album Homecoming in Heaven was released in 1962. This was Jones’ first gospel song collection released. Jones put together gospel songs from the past, from J.P. Richardson’s “Someone’s Watching Over You,” Thomas Dorsey’s “Peace in the Valley,” Willie Nelson’s “Kneel at the Feet of Jesus,” and a lot more. He only co-wrote one song with Bill Dudley, “Wandering Soul.”

Gospel Albums

“Homecoming in Heaven” was written by Paul Buskirk, Willie Nelson, Walt Breeland and, Claude Gray. The song didn’t get much recognition from the public. However, his third gospel album The Gospel Collection: George Jones Sings The Greatest Stories Ever Told was the one Christian album to enter on the Billboard Charts. Peaking at No. 9 on the US Billboard Top Christian Albums in 2003. Furthermore, it remained on the chart for a total of 20 weeks. Despite not gaining much recognition for his first album, still, it is good since it contains songs that Jones loved and grew up with.

The Song’s Content

Death is something we shouldn’t fear rather it’s something we should look forward to. It is just the beginning of a happy and long lasting life. Yes, it may be scary to hear that, but if we only trust God and know that something good is waiting for us, then death is nothing to be afraid about. Exactly like the song, the narrator looks forward to many years living here on earth then finally go home. Where he knows he will find peace, freedom and all the people he loves. He pictures that death is not a dark, sad, and painful place, but a beautiful place where happiness is and love remains. If we look at death that way, then our fear will soon slip away. Let us be brave enough to not let death take over us but let us take over it.

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