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Home Free Renders the Most Beautiful Women Empowerment Mashup


Home Free Renders the Most Beautiful Women Empowerment Mashup 1
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A Remix that Speaks for Women

It’s amazing how human voice can create different sounds without using instruments. The country-tinged a cappella group Home Free is one of the best in their genre. The group is well known for putting twists on many of today’s country songs. On their newest video, they rendered a tribute to women with their remix of Dierks Bentley’s No.1 smash “Woman, Amen” and Keith Urban’s powerful chord stricken “Female.”

The all-male a cappella group gained inspiration from Bentley’s performance of “Woman, Amen” during the ACM Award in April. They came up with their own arrangement of the song and decided to blend it with Urban’s “Female” to create a female empowerment mash up.

Keith Urban’s “Female”

“Female” emerged in the rouse of the #MeToo movement, which encouraged women celebrities to speak up about the harassment they faced during their careers in the show business. It is described as “an empowerment anthem partially inspired by the Harvey Weinstein Scandal.” Also, it sends a message of dismissing sexism.

Urban delivered a high-profile performance of the song at the 51st Annual CMA awards this year. “Female” is the lead single from his tenth album, Graffiti U.

Dierks Bentley’s “Woman, Amen”

“Woman, Amen” is a deeply romantic and reverential tune dedicated to Bentley’s wife, Cassidy. The uplifting tune pays tribute to the love that sheltered him in this world that shatters people on and on again. Interestingly, drummer Matt Chamberlain provides a propulsive groove for the song that ultimately completed the musical package.

Bentley personally picked the song to be the first single off his 2018 album Black.

Nature of a Woman

There’s this old cliché, “Behind every man’s success, is a woman.” The Bible teaches us that women came from men, but God designed life to only come into completion with the presence of a woman. She has an earnest heart that offers caress during dark times. Her composed voice can calm a violent environment. The warmth of her hand provides comfort when fears and confusion try to mess the way. All these descriptions are the nature of a woman, and will only be visible if they are taken care of like a rose that blooms in a well-groomed garden.

May this then be a reminder about the essence of a woman in this life. They should never be taken for granted because they’re the reason why compassion continues to fill the atmosphere.

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