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Home Free’s Melodramatic Take on Trace Adkin’s Poignant Song

There’s really no stopping Home Free from rising to prominence with their impressive song covers. Their musical talents and amazing vocals are truly exceptional. They have the power to turn any song into their own by giving new life to it. And as time goes by, the number of singers they make proud with their song covers continue to increase. Today’s story features the country vocal group’s melodramatic remake of a Trace Adkin’s heartbreak song.

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Posted by Home Free on Thursday, August 17, 2017

“I Can’t Outrun You”

This song has personal relevance to country music artist Trace Adkins. It’s a heartbreak ballad the singer wrote himself and has something to do with the divorce with his first wife. He described the experience as horrendous and was really devastated with it. Even if he’s able to find a new wife, Adkins admitted he just couldn’t get past it.

“There were days when I didn’t think I was simply going to live through that heartache. It manifested itself into physical pain. I could feel it. It hurt that bad, and I just couldn’t get away from it. So when I recorded this song, I just went back there in my head and what that felt like. That’s where this song comes from.”

With their exceptional vocals and musical skills, Home Free made an emotional cover of the heartbreak song which appeared on their 2017 album Timeless.

A Melodramatic Cover by Home Free

Just like what they did with most, if not all, of the songs they’ve covered, Home Free was able to give justice to Adkin’s hit. The song has a theme of heartbreak and Adkins’ sung it from the deepest of his heart. But, Home Free’s rendition is just melodramatic. In their version of “I Can’t Run to You,” the group’s latest member Adam Chance served as the star. The music video for the song features the baritone singer all throughout.

The video shot in black and white begins with a truck driving down a country road. The next scene shows the singing members standing in a dark room in a semicircle position. Chance, being the star of the clip,  is situated at the center. Toward the middle of the video, it was revealed that the man driving the truck is Chance. He was first seen to have found a pair of sunglasses belonging to his former flame. As he returns home, he found other belongings of his past love. Each object he found appears in color while the rest of the scene stays in black and white.

Colorful flashbacks of cheerier times with his old love follow after discovering those sentimental objects. These memories denote that wherever he goes, he’ll find something reminiscent of his ex-lover.

Watch Home Free’s sensational delivery of “I Can’t Outrun You” below but don’t forget to prepare some tissue papers with you.


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