May 22

Home Free Raise the Bar for Cover Songs with Gospel Twist on Morris’ Mega Hit My Church

How often do we encounter cover songs that sound as though it were an original music and an entirely different track when compared to its original version? That was what The Sing-Off 2013’s winning band, Home Free showcased in their rendition of Marren Morris’ My Church.

This Minnesota-bred all-vocal band is making massive waves in the Country music scene. Both old and new fans can’t get enough of their high energy and creatively unrestricted and brave interpretations of all the songs that they cover. That is to say, the only ‘weapons’ they bring with them to make for a successful tour are their voices.

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Home Free Raise the Bar for Cover Songs with Gospel Twist on Morris’ Mega Hit My Church 1

Earlier, the a cappella group has done numerous covers of country classics and songs of other genres. Their list includes God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood, Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash, and just recently covered, My Church by Marren Morris. The all-male group’s version is light, but the beats are as addictive as the harmonic blending of their voices. It’s like that song that you need when you’re driving in your car and need an instant pick-me-up or the tune that you and your friends jam to when you’re hanging around and someone brings out the guitar to add spice to an otherwise lackluster atmosphere.

It is clear that covering songs isn’t the striking part of this musical group. They are also notorious for adding their own twist to every song they perform. When you listen to and watch a music video made by Home Free, expect to be in for a visually fascinating and melodious reverie. From the harmonies to the distinct arrangements, the group seamlessly brands each song with their own signature style. Even their videos are pure marvelous artwork—some were shot in breathtaking landscapes like Mount Rushmore. Currently, Home Free’s Facebook page has over 700, 000 likes while their YouTube channel has had more than 150 million views. Their social media pages are active and fans can see their swamped tour schedules for all their tours.

This time, Home Free decided to breathe new life into My Church through adding a gospel spin to it. My Church was released in January last year as the debut single of Marren Morris. It was also this song that marked Morris as one of the rising stars of country music. According to Morris, the song depicts her “church”, which is country music. The video for this cover was shot in front of an old car, particularly a 1970’s Mercedes Sedan. It was obviously Home Free’s own way of paying homage to Marren Morris.

It’s no question why fans and supporters are always on the edge of their seats. With a singing group that’s pretty much the whole package, one can only imagine all the big possibilities and breaks in store for them.

If you were given the chance to choose, what song (s) would you want Home Free to cover next and why?


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