May 25

It Feels Like “Heaven” When Home Free Covers A Kane Brown Song


Do you agree that if a country song meets an A Capella group, it gets more delightful when they cover it? “Heaven” is an original by Kane Brown. However, Home Free covering the song will lead your ears to an exciting experience that makes you think of everyone else in your life.

It Feels Like “Heaven” When Home Free Covers A Kane Brown Song 1

“Heaven”, The Original, Specifics

“Heaven” is the fourth single from Kane Brown’s self-titled album on November 2017. It stayed at the Top 2 spot on Hot Country Songs, blending airplay, streaming and sales data. Kane Brown did not pen the song. Nonetheless, he related to it the moment he heard it. Brown was working on another song, “What’s Mine Is Yours” when he first heard “Heaven”. He heard the sound through the floor from where someone was writing downstairs. When he went to see it, he found Shy Carter, Matthew McGinn and Lindsay Rimes working on the song.

“Heaven” sings about how we always hear people talking about how they just cannot wait to get to heaven after hearing how beautiful it is. However, the character is not convinced of its beauty when he thinks what it is like to lay with his woman. This was what caught Brown’s attention,

“So my buddy Shy Carter started singing it to me, and his voice is amazing, but also the song just really hit me and made me feel close to it. It really made me think about my fiancée, so I was like, ‘There’s got to be other people that can relate to this song.'”

The song is a fusion of R&B and country, with a dreamy, romantic lyric. It’s an easy song that comes from the heart. As Brown said, once you sing it you feel like you do not lie about anything.

Home Free, Capping “Heaven” Romantically

Home Free’s covers of country love songs have naturally been some of their most prevalent videos. Taking, for example, the success of their Ring of Fire and My Church covers. As far as it is one of the leading country songs of 2018, others have tried to bargain with their own versions. One of the most recent covers of “Heaven” is from everyone’s favorite country A Cappella group. Home Free’s rendition will surely make you weak in the knees. Their music video debuted on May 11. Certainly, you know that their version of “Heaven” is a notable one.

You will see Home Free presenting an added affirmation to Brown by making their video in a similar way. In an outdoor woody construction with few white lights hanging near the ceiling, members took shots singing the lead, and each solo brings tenderness and shudders up your spine.

Such a “heavenly” sound, isn’t it? Did you like Home Free’s version of “Heaven”? Let us know in the comments by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.


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