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Home Free’s New Take on the Adored Song “God Bless the USA”

Home Free's New Take on the Adored Song "God Bless the USA" 1
Home Free performing “God Bless the USA” in front of Mt. Rushmore | Photo: Screen grabbed from Youtube

In 1984, American country music artist Lee Greenwood recorded a song that would become a great embodiment of patriotism in the USA. The song is called God Bless the USA.” For over three decades, the song continues to warm the hearts of many people who listen to it across the country. Hence, it became one of the most adored songs of all time. While there are many songs that bear the patriotic theme, “God Bless the USA” is undeniably one of a kind. Its ability to fill the Americans’ hearts takes on a different level. After more than 30 years since its release, the song remains powerful in igniting pride among the Americans. And after you hear this fresh rendition of the song by the country vocal group Home Free, it’s certain that your adoration toward the tune will soar further.

Home Free’s Cover

The talented a cappella group rose to fame after winning the singing contest The Sing-Off in 2013. They began covering songs including those from the country music genre and bring new life out of them with their spectacular vocals. In 2016, the group unleashed their patriotic side as they lead up the 4th of July holiday with their cover of Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

In this personal rendition of the song, the members showcased their individual musical talents. For most of the song’s solo parts, the group’s lead tenor Austin Brown was the one singing. The other members provided stellar harmonies making their performance as remarkable as their other covers. Adam Rupp’s beatboxing talent was also hard to resist as he rendered most of the instrumental sounds. Shot before the iconic Mount Rushmore, Home Free’s personal cover of “God Bless the USA” was arranged by one of the group’s founding members Chris Rupp.

Be amazed over and over again by the group’s a cappella version of the song below.

A Few Facts of the Song

Considered as Lee Greenwood’s signature song, “God Bless the USA” came out in the spring of 1984. It became a Top 10 hit for Greenwood peaking at No. 7 on the country music chart. Originally, the song appeared on Greenwood’s album You’ve Got a Good Love Comin’. At the Republican National Convention that same year, the song was played in the presence of then-President Ronald Raegan and First Lady Nancy Raegan. During the Gulf War from 1990-1991, the song served to lift everyone’s morale.

Also, after the September 11 attacks and during the 2003 Iraq invasion, “God Bless the USA” gained more significant popularity. After re-releasing the song as a single in 2001, it again entered the country songs Top 20 chart occupying the 16th spot. It was also a successful crossover hit reaching Billboard Hot 100 Top 20. It specifically peaked at No. 16.

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