August 6

Watch: Home Free’s Divine Impression of Vince Gill’s Signature Song

America’s favorite Vocal Band, Home Free has consistently delivered performances that were nothing short of the word “splendid.” Spectators who’ve seen their concerts were more than satisfied. More than providing entertainment, Home Free has served as an inspiration to various people through their music. Here’s one from a fan that you’ll surely love.

Go Rest High on That Mountain/Amazing Grace by Home Free

Now that’s what we call professionalism in singing! Home Free paid respect to the original artist by not ruining his song.

A Song Combo to Honor Peers

Amazing Grace has long been sung in many wakes. Initially moved by the deaths of both his brother and Keith Whitley, Vince Gill penned Go Rest High on That Mountain in 1993. Gill’s tribute song speedily climbed the charts after its release in 1995.

As it carries a powerful message of hopeful parting with a loved-one, Gill consistently brought back Go Rest High on That Mountain on occasions that he sees fit. He had always been gracious to impart his song in honor of peers who have gone ahead in glory.

Home Free’s Singing Finesse

It’s a sort of disrespect when one of the most beautifully written songs gets ruined by a singer’s choice of style. Thankfully, it’s the opposite for Home Free. They sang Go Rest High in a manner that Gill would surely approve. There was only that one slight deviation when after the second refrain, Tim Foust glided in with a verse from the hymn Amazing Grace. The group then transitioned back to Go Rest High. It’s perfection from start to finish, indeed!

Home Free// Wood Art //
Home Free// Wood Art //

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