September 2

Cover Song of the Day: Home Free’s Sweet Rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill

Home Free, a band known for their amazing renditions of new and popular country songs are at it again with their latest cover song. This time, the American a cappella group chose to tribute English singer-songwriter and guitarist, Ed Sheeran. By combining Sheeran’s beautifully interlaced words with their signature harmonies, fans will be delighted with the sweet, melodic outcome.

Taking on Ed Sheeran’s Castle on the Hill, they add a new twist to the song through their breathtaking rendition and awesome music video for the cover. Castle on the Hill reached the 6th spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was released as a double lead single off of Sheeran’s 2017 album,  (Divide).

In the video, the famed and talented five-vocalist-group can be seen walking down the open road. As the song progresses, they tread through a forest where a set of train tracks sits at its center. Aside from the group, a love story sequence between a young couple unfolds as well.

Soon, the music video transcends to a time during summer, where various young lovebirds decide to have fun and bask in the sunshine without a care in the world. They play beer pong with their friends, hang out by the lake, and even TP a tree before they light sparklers in the warm twilight of the summer.

The scenes become more lively and magical as Home Free’s enchanting vocals and melody serenade the backdrop for the music video’s story.

Overall, Home Free did another amazing job covering a hit song sung and written by a fellow talented artist. The group has been producing a string of successful and wittingly re-arranged songs. Among their previous renditions include Rascal Flats’ I Like the Sound of That, Keith Urban’s Blue Ain’t Your Color, and Zac Brown Band’s Colder Weather. They are expected to hit the road and launch their Christmas Tour in December of this year.


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