September 21, 2018

Shiver with Home Free’s Chilly Remake of “Colder Weather”

We still have a couple of months to go before hitting the winter season but listening to this chilly rendition of a Zac Brown Band’s top hit, Home Free will make you shiver as early as now. The cold feel of the song – the title alone speaks so much of it – is further aggravated by the group’s certified a cappella singing style. But don’t get me wrong, folks. The cool treatment Home Free gave to “Colder Weather” is something that’s warming to the heart. Well, when did the talented vocal brand fail us with their marvelous covers of a variety of songs? Whether it’s a sad country ballad, a touching gospel tune, or a steamy love song, every cover is equally satiating to the ears and the heart.

Just listen to their remake of “Colder Weather” below and find out yourselves, what I’m trying to point it.

Brief Song Background

Colder Weather” was originally recorded by Zac Brown Band. It was released as the second single on their 2010 album You Get What You Give. The band members wrote the song themselves. Inspired by the story of one of the band’s members, Wyatt Durrette, “Colder Weather” narrates a romantic tale. However, a bad weather made things between them complicated. To some degree, such a “colder weather” had caused their eventual breakup. The woman suspected her partner to be just making use of it as an excuse not to see her. Unable to stand the things going on between them any longer, she left him.

The song reached No. 1 on Billboard Hot Country Songs chart on April 16, 2011. Moreover, received mainly favorable reviews from different music critics. One reviewer even compared the song’s style to that of Merle Haggard’s. The music video, which was directed by Darren Doane, features the actor Liam Hemsworth as the male main character.

Watch the music video for “Colder Weather” below from the original artists.

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