September 25

Home Free Displays a Motown Feel in “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

We’ve already featured some of Home Free’s song covers here on Country Thang Daily and we’d love to write more stories worth-reading about their impressive remakes of great hits. We’ve heard their different takes on songs of famed country stars of today including the Zac Brown Band, Maren Morris, Kane Brown, and Vince Gill.

Today, we bring them once again to you for another extraordinary rendition of a song. This time, it’s a top hit for Keith Urban which the group gave justice to. Certainly, Urban won’t ever feel blue with this remarkable remake of his chart-topper hit.

Home Free’s Cover of “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

The talented vocal group became interested with Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color” the first time they heard the song. With the initiative of the group’s tenor harmony singer Rob Lundquist, they made a cover of it. In an interview with Fox News, Lundquist shared,

“When we first heard the song, we knew that we had to make a Home Free arrangement.”

At that very moment, a surefire remake from the band has been set up. Not only will Home Free charm their fans with it but also make Urban very proud of them. In the middle of the song’s arrangement, an interesting element came out of it that would make their adaptation of the song truly unique. As mentioned by the band’s bass Tim Foust,

“As we were arranging the song with our producer Darren Rust, it began to take on an old-school Motown feel. So we tried to capture that vibe with our music video as well. It was a blast bringing that twist to a killer country song.”

Home Free released their cover of “Blue Ain’t Your Color” with a music video in March 2017. The version appeared on their album, Timeless.

Watch and get stunned by the group’s cover with an old-school Motown feel of the song below.

Original Version

It was in 2016, a year before Home Free covered “Blue Ain’t Your Color,” that Keith Urban’s original recording of the song came out. Written by Steven Lee Olsen, Hillary Lindsey, and Clint Lagerberg, the song was released as the fourth single from Urban’s album entitled Ripcord. Apart from being a chart-topper on the country music charts, the song also gave the singer and the songwriters Grammy Award nominations. Below is the music video for “Blue Ain’t Your Color.”

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