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Home Free’s Country Drip of John Mayer’s “In the Blood”

Staunch traditionalists (to which I’m one) would think twice approving John Mayer as a Country artist. It does not stop us, however, from giving his songs a fair critique in terms of substance and musicality. Owing to its lyrical depth, Acapella Vocal Group, Home Free felt compelled to do a countrified version of John Mayer’s In the Blood.

Home Free’s Country Drip of John Mayer's "In the Blood" 1

To be precise, it’s band member Austin Brown who was the first one to be drawn to the song. Bassist Tim Foust happened to share a mutual fondness for John Mayer’s song compositions. When the rest of the group heard it, proposing to take In the Blood was out of the question. It was then included in Home Free’s latest album, Timeless released in September 2017.

In the Blood – Cover by Home Free

Just Brilliant! That’s the only word to describe a profound song sophistically delivered.

In Depth with “In the Blood”

John Mayer //Album Cover - The Search for Everything (c)
John Mayer //Album Cover – The Search for Everything (c)

In its most basic sense, Mayer’s ballad is a narrative about self-discovery. It’s a split between the urge to be relevant as an adult and that gnawing memory of family wounds. Turning the tables of blame, the “woman” is at fault this time. As the lyrics imply, the “mother” was domineering while the father passively takes all the brunt. Now grown up, history seems to repeat itself on Mayer’s. Hence, he’s in an existential crisis.

Could I change it if I wanted, can I rise above the flood?
Will it wash out in the water, or is it always in the blood?

Author’s Take

From a Christian perspective, traits get passed down to our offsprings. That covers both the biological and the spiritual. This stands to reason why most of us attribute children’s features and quirks to their parents. Does that include the parents’ mishaps?  The straight answer is yes. The good news is, there’s a way to break the chain of ancestral wounds and curses. That is to fully entrust ourselves in God’s hands through submission and obedience to his commands. And if we’ve come to a decision to trust him fully, we’ll discover that his ways are indeed for our good and for his glory.

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Home Free, In the Blood

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