July 10

“You Really Had Me Going:” Holly Dunn’s 2nd No. 1 Song

holly dunn You Really Had Me Going

It’s not good when you thought that you have found someone who will last forever and suddenly they cheated on you. It hurts so badly to love someone then one day everything changes. Sometimes we don’t get hurt because we were left alone but because we have learned to give our love away and we made memories with that person.

“You Really Had Me Going” Chart Performance

“You Really Had Me Going” was a song written by Thomas Shapiro, Chris Waters, and Holly Dunn. Holly Dunn recorded the song as the seventh track on her studio album Heart Full of Love in 1990. She made her song peak at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. “You Really Had Me Going” became Holly’s second No. 1 song on the chart, following her first number one song in 1989, “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me.” Her album Heart Full of Love only charted at No. 47 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums.

The Song’s Content

The beginning of a relationship is beautiful that you will think that you two are meant to be together. However, the worst part is when someone deceives you. The narrator of the song thought that she and her lover are meant to be together. He cared and loved her like she is the only one and is his whole world. But after a while, things didn’t work out, and they break up. She thought that it was forever, but it turns out to be something that will only break her heart.

There is nothing wrong about love, but if we let our feelings control us, we will really be deceived by what is happening. We will not recognize or be suspicious of anything because we are blinded by love. Therefore, we should learn not to let our emotions control or blind us from the truth.

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holly dunn, you really had me going

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