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Holly Dunn’s First No. 1 Song “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me”

holly dunn are you ever gonna love me

Nothing is worse than waiting… the constant thinking about when it’s going to happen or what will happen. It’s not a good feeling to wait around for someone when it comes to making decisions, especially if we are talking about love. Nobody wants to wait for someone to realize if they love them or not, because we know love does not require thinking. Love is something you feel or not.

Holly Dunn’s First No. 1 Song

Holly Dunn wrote a song about a woman waiting for her man to decide if he loves her or not. “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me” is a song written by Holly Dunn, Tom Shapiro, and Chris Waters and released in 1989. This song was Holly Dunn’s first-ever No. 1 Billboard Hot Country Song on the chart. “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me” is listed as one of the tracks on her fourth studio album The Blue Rose of Texas. Two of the tracks in her album were able to enter the top 10 of the Billboard chart.


Dunn wrote this song with her brother. Most people will not feel comfortable writing love songs with someone they know, let alone their family. However, for Holly, this is just a normal thing. She professionally worked with her brother and without even minding that they are family.

About the Song

The song “Are You Ever Gonna Love Me” is a song of a woman who keeps on asking her lover if he’s going to love her now. She has been constantly waiting for him, and she is starting to be impatient about their situation. The man cannot decide if he loves her or not. It seems that he is not sure about what to say or do. It is a complicated relationship they have because they are together but not sure if one loves the other or not.

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are you ever gonna love me, holly dunn

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