November 23

The Man Jesus in an Alan Jackson and Clay Walker’s Songs

1. ‘If Jesus Walked The Earth Today” by Alan Jackson

Known for his candor, it is no surprise that Alan would once again sing of the Jesus he knew. He is not the type to go all sanctimonious with his words. Rather, he would strike right to the core of his point. In ‘’If Jesus Walked The Earth Today,” he described Jesus as a ‘hillbilly’ if he were to visibly live with men today. He would be king, yes, but the kind that does not seclude his self in some lofty place while servants pamper him with all the goods and fine delicacies. Instead, Alan pictures him as the same Jesus he read in the Bible; a king who went out of his way to personally and directly helps men and women from all walks of life. Though a heaven’s royalty, he did not cringe to mingle with the common people. He found and accepted them right where they are.  That is Alan’s Jesus; a real hillbilly at heart.

2. “Jesus Was a Country Boy” by Clay Walker

Clay Walker brought this bit of satirical song about the contrast of Jesus’ lifestyle when he walked on earth as compared to the luxurious living of most televangelists of our time. The song struck a chord and quickly became a hit. Embolden by the response, he decided to expand and express his views further. This time, through writing a book which he called, Jesus Was a Country Boy: Life Lessons on Faith, Fishing, and Forgiveness.

Personal Thoughts:

My respect and support to these two country singers. I may not know how they live their faith in private, but there is one thing I am certain of; they are for real and will not put up with any religious façade and shenanigans. Additionally, their voices represented the frustration of most believers (including me) who sincerely want to see churches’ wealth and resources be put to worthwhile use. What a shame that some celebrity preachers did not learn from the example of Jesus’ ministry. They are part of the reason why there will be more Mahatma Gandhi’s who will say,

“I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


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