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“Highwayman:” A Story of Reincarnation Performed By The Highwaymen

“Highwayman:” A Story of Reincarnation Performed By The Highwaymen 1
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Do you believe that when we die, we can be reincarnated into another form or person? Perhaps this may be true or it may be not. However, in the song “Highwayman” reincarnation existed. The song has an interesting story if you listen to it. At first, you may not realize that the character in the song was reincarnated. However, when you reach the end of the song, you will realize that the different men in the song are actually one. He was only reincarnated into a different person.


“Highwayman” was first recorded by Jimmy Webb in 1977 for his album El Mirage. However, the song did not become that popular. In 1979 another country artist, Glen Campbell,  recorded the song. The song did not reach the Billboard chart. “Highwayman” is the lead single in Glen Campbell’s album Highwayman. Then in 1984, four well-known country singers recorded the song because they needed a project they wanted to work on together. The Highwaymen is the name of the group who recorded Jimmy Webb’s song “Highwayman.” The country group The Highwaymen is comprised of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. They want to work on something together so when they heard Campbell’s version of the song “Highwayman,” they decided to make an album.

Chart Performance and Grammy Award

The Highwaymen’s version of the song was the only one who made it to the top of the Billboard chart. It reached No. 1 on the country chart. Aside from reaching the top of the chart the song also won a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1985. The Highwaymen released three more albums together, however, their most popular one is their first album and their version of the song “Highwayman.”

Since there are four of them in the group, the song perfectly fits them. Willie Nelson is the highwayman character in the song, depicted in the first stanza. It was followed by Kris Kristofferson as the Sailor. The Dam Builder was Waylon Jennings, and finally, Johnny Cash ended the song as being the Starship captain.

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