September 25

“Higher Ground” Expresses Desire for a Deeper Spiritual Life

The spiritual aspect of humans is what sets them apart from the rest of God’s creations. As humans, therefore, we must not only seek for physical growth but more importantly, spiritual progress. Otherwise, we’ll be on a journey to spiritual decay and life would be of no meaning for us. When God created human, it’s His desire that we are united with Him. Thus, He is continuously working in us on this aspect. The only way for us to fully appreciate His great efforts and unconditional love is allowing Him to nurture our spiritual being. His words are an important means by which we could grow spiritually. As what the Holy Bible says,

“Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matt. 4:4)

Therefore, it’s not enough that we accepted Jesus as our personal savior. Increasing our knowledge of His words should be part of our daily living. Let us further enhance our understanding of this subject through this featured hymn, “Higher Ground.”

The Hymn “Higher Ground”

A great expression of one’s desire for a more profound spiritual life, growing further with Christ is the hymn “Higher Ground.” Johnson Oatman, Jr. penned the moving lyrics which became a well-loved hymn since its first publication in 1898. It’s a hymn filled with optimism and great aspiration to be fully consecrated to God. It’s indeed a great help for anyone who aspires to take their spiritual goals to a higher level. Moreover, the hymn offers a fitting way of renewing our passion for the Lord. Along with elevating our spiritual goals, let us press on to higher ground. Below is a joyful singing of the rousing gospel song.

The Songwriter

Johnson Oatman, Jr., a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, was a businessman. His father was an exceptional singer. He loved seeing his son sitting beside him listening to his songs, mostly gospel songs. Inspired by his father’s talent, Oatman would later embark on writing gospel songs. Since he started in 1892 until he passed away in 1922, he was able to write over 3,000 hymn lyrics. One of his greatest compositions was “Higher Ground” which became a favorite among many Christians.

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