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“He Hideth My Soul” Will Bring A Sense of God’s Presence

“He Hideth My Soul” Will Bring A Sense of God’s Presence 1

Guy Penrod  singing “He Hideth My Soul”

“I will put you in a cleft in the rock and cover you with my hand” (Ex. 33:22).

Did you feel the comfort that emanates from that verse in the Bible? It’s just a short verse but the sense of how much God cares for us is so immense. The enormous security it dispenses touched the blind but talented lyricist Fanny Crosby to write a song about it. The gospel song that most of us know today as “He Hideth My Soul” was what Crosby came up with. It was in 1890 when Crosby penned the song’s lyrics. William J. Kirkpatrick completed it into a song by providing its music.

Let’s watch Guy Penrod’s performance of the song below.

Inspiration Behind the Song’s Writing

While Crosby could not see with her natural eyes, she could see with her heart. But as it’s normal for someone with an impairment to feel insecure, Crosby did face daily insecurities in her life. Crosby used her God-given talent in writing hymns and most of them emphasize the security we have in God. She likened herself to David living in the wilderness. Sometimes, she felt alone and helpless. But during these moments, Crosby found great comfort from the book of Psalms. She then supplemented her Scripture readings with prayers.

However, when she wrote “He Hideth My Soul,” it was the book of Exodus that she’s reading. She found her inspiration in Moses’ story leading the Israelites. While in the wilderness, Moses asked God to show him His presence. Right away, God granted Moses’ request and even with assurance.

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Fanny Crosby, Guy Penrod, William Kirkpatrick

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