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“Hey Hillbilly Singer!” Offers a Bunch of Good Country Music

"Hey Hillbilly Singer!" Offers a Bunch of Good Country Music 1
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His name may not sound that popular as he’s not on mainstream country. You probably haven’t seen him yet on CMT nor heard on the radio either. But don’t you know those factors are essential indications that this indie singer-songwriter named Scott Southworth has what it takes to be an authentic country music artist? No offense meant to those new artists who are dominating the mainstream country scene nowadays. They’re exceptionally talented. But if we think of the legends who made country music what it was, we can’t deny the fact that the authenticity of the music genre has diminished through the years. Thanks to a few fresh faces who, despite being not well-known, still have the heart to keep real country music alive. That’s what the Nashville-based singer-songwriter Southworth represents with his recent record Hey Hillbilly Singer!

Album Review

This isn’t the first time that the award-winning musician recorded an album. Hey Hillbilly Singer! was, in fact, the fourth album release of Southworth. But it received tremendous reviews from various music critics making the album sound like the best representation of what real country music is. Released in May this year, the album is jam-packed with good country songs that won’t disappoint any traditional country music fan. Consisting of eleven tracks, the record has many similarities with the styles of George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Daryle Singletary, and George Strait. With that said, a devotee of classic country music can’t go wrong with Hey Hillbilly Singer!

While it’s commonly observed that not all songs in an album stand out, Hey Hillbilly Singer! can be considered an exemption. The album is solid all throughout. As reviewer Duncan Warwick noted,

“It is difficult to pick out highlights from an album as strong and consistent as this……overall, this could be one of the best examples of how people ought to be making country albums all year.”

Specific Review on Some Songs

 “I Ain’t Leaving Town”

This song was considered the most entertaining component of the album. That’s probably because of the traditionalist Bobby Marquez’s participation in the recording. Southworth’s deep-thinking approach to country music in a sincere yet amusing style was perfectly captured in the song.

“Honky Tonk in Me”

The single, together with the album’s title track “Hey Hillbilly Singer!” exudes a plenty of cheerful moments. The song intends to give fun to every listener but it likewise goes deeper as the need arises.

“Nobody Leaves this World Alive”

The song has much resemblance with the songs Merle Haggard had recorded. The elements of grumpiness, humor, and sensibility which are very notable of Haggard are very prominent in this song.

Watch the album’s title track below.

Track Listing

1. Hey Hillbilly Singer! (co-write w/Marc Alan Barnette)
2. The Honky Tonk In Me
3. Nothing Left To Fight For Anymore
4. Nobody Leaves This World Alive (co-write with Heino Moeller – The Music Row Show co-host)
5. Put Another Quarter In The Ride
6. Wish I Was Here
7. Last Stop In Luckenbach
8. Why Can’t Every Day Be Friday Night?
9. Cigar Store Indian
10. I Ain’t Leaving Town (Duet w/Bobby Marquez) (co-write with Heino Moeller – The Music Row Show co-host)
11. I’ll Always Remember This

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