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“Hey God” by Lonestar: A Song of Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Departed Loved Ones

"Hey God" by Lonestar: A Song of Thanksgiving and Prayer for the Departed Loved Ones 1

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” – Meister Eckhart

For the plenty of things you came across with daily, be it positive or negative, have you taken the time to thank God? If a blessing pours down on you, do you even utter the words “thank you” for it? Being grateful even for small things could mean a lot. For one, it pleases The Creator that we acknowledge His presence and intervention in our lives.

Having a grateful heart would make us feel delighted. Likewise, no matter how trifling a blessing may seem, if we mind thanking its giver, such becomes greatly significant.

Take a Pause and Thank the Lord

If you’re in the middle of something, it won’t hurt to break into silence for a while. Reflect on how your day went and thank God, at least you’re alive. Or if you’re with your family, isn’t that worth even a simple appreciation? Here’s a beautiful song from the American country music group “Lonestar” that would stir your mood.

Praying for Our Loved Ones, Alive and Departed

The song’s title, Hey God, may initially appear broad. But digging deeper into the lyrics, we’ll find how profound its message of thanksgiving is.

The narrator exhibited his great appreciation for everything God has done in his life. Even for those difficult time, he went through after losing those people dear to him, he considered acknowledging God.

Feeling grateful for his beautiful and healthy family, the singer did not forget to talk about them in the song. And he’s even more pleased that another member was added even without expecting it. For nothing can be more warming to the heart than the thought of having your family around.

Meanwhile, the song likewise included lines praying for the departed loved ones. Their physical absence did not lessen their importance in our life. Although they’re in God’s care now, they’re totally not forgotten. For their memories linger in our thoughts and hearts. That sounded so true in the song.

In the chorus, the singer highlighted God’s working in mysterious ways. That though we plan great things for our lives, God’s plans are way better than ours. And though sometimes, things don’t go our way, if we trust He’s in control, we’re certainly on the right track.

Trivial Fact About the Song  

Tommy Lee James and Richie Mc Donald penned the song. It was released in 2006 under the album Mountains.


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