June 25

“Her World Or Mine”: There Will Always Be Two Sides of a Story

michael ray her world or mine

In every breakup, one moves on quickly while the other is still stuck in that world. Whether we like it or not, there will always be one that feels happy, and there will be the other thinking constantly. However, it doesn’t mean that the person happy is the winner. There is no such thing as winning the breakup. It’s just a matter of time that is needed to heal the space left by the other person.

The Song: “Her World or Mine”

Michael Ray’s “Her World or Mine” is exactly the song that is written for this kind of situation. His song will surely connect people together. There will always be two sides of a breakup, and each one of us has been through one or the other. “Her World or Mine” is written by Brett Beaver, Jamie Paulin, and Travis Denning. The song is part of Michael Ray’s third studio album Amos.

The Album: Amos

Ray’s album Amos was released this month. The album contained his single “Get to You” which entered the No. 17th position of the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His album peaked at No. 5 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Before releasing his album, Ray released his songs “Get to You,” “Fan Girl,” and “Her World or Mine.”

The Content

“Her World or Mine” may not have been written by Michael Ray but he instantly connected with the words. Anyone who listens to it will instantly know that feeling when they listened to his song. The song is about two sides of a breakup. Whether we like it or not, there will always be one who is still in love while the other one has moved on. There will always be one that will constantly be thinking about the other and wants to call them. Just like in the song, one has moved on while the other still remembers everything. We all have been through on both sides, and it is a really tough thing to go through.

Here’s Michael Ray’s new single from his album Amos, which is out now.

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