I know that most of you guys are madly deeply in love with your life partner. But, what if you found out that your partner is with someone else? What will your initial reaction be? What will you do? Maybe, some of us will react violently and maybe others will calmly ask questions. But of course we cannot avoid being suspicious. I guess that’s natural for humans, especially if you really love the person, you will easily get jealous. Did this scenario ever happen to you? What did you do? I hope that you did not throw a hysterical attitude. Well, I hope that you can relate to the hit of Jim Reeves, “He’ll Have to Go.” Which talks about a man who called his lover and later found out that she is with another man.

One of the Most Loved Singer

He is considered as one of the most sought after singers of his generation. Thus, this artist is included in the Country Music and Texas Country Music Hall of Fame. Due to his influence in the music industry, he also conquered overseas markets. What makes him distinct from other artists is that, he has a rich baritone voice which is rare for a singer to have. I hope that you did not forget the man behind the hits “I Love You,” “Mexican Joe,” and “Bimbo.” Yes folks I have here Jim Reeves or also known as Gentleman Jim.

Photo Credits: Jim Reeves Official Home Page

Is this the Perfect Song for a Heartache?

Being cheated on, is one of the many themes that a song can have. Moreover, most of the hits today talks about heartbreak. Maybe, the public can easily relate to that topic that’s why they patronize it. Just like the classic hit from Jim Reeves, “He’ll Have to Go.” Maybe, if that relationship failed it only means that you are not meant to be. But I hope that you can relate to his hit and use as an inspiration.