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Helen Reddy “I Can’t Say Goodbye To You” And So Does Terry Gregory

Helen Reddy, Terry Gregory
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It is, and it will never be easy to say goodbye to someone who touched your life. Perhaps it would be the hardest experience we will go through. But at some point in your life, we will have to say goodbye for some reasons. Yes, it’s difficult, it’s devastating, but we must accept the fact that “goodbye” can somewhat bring a better prospect. Nevertheless, it teaches us that there is no permanency in things we do. With this, we need to let go and move forward.

And for all the people, for all the hearts that keep holding on to their past, here’s a song for you. “I Cant Say Goodbye To You” suits the situation you’re in right now. Helen Reddy outpoured her emotion in this song to cater to what you are undergoing. Also, Terry Gregory recorded her version.

The Song…

“I Can’t Say Goodbye To You” is one of the best love songs ever created. It was released on May 23, 1981, as part of Reddy’s album “Play Me Out.” Unfortunately, the song was Reddy’s last song to hit the Billboard chart.

The song was also covered by Terry Gregory in 1981. Her cover reached top 20 of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was part of Gregory’s album “Just Like Me.” In addition, Gregory’s version will remind us of her times in country music.

The Meaning…

“I Can’t Say Goodbye To You” portrays the separation between two people with so much affection towards each other. However, one party is already committed to someone, probably the man. The lyrics show a story wherein both parties didn’t plan what they have, but the woman has fallen and given her heart. The woman then is having a hard time letting go of the affection.

Furthermore, both feel the same way; they love each other. But it needs to stop; only because their love cannot flourish. And the woman is suffering emotionally and mentally. However, the woman knows that it needs to be ended, but she just can’t say goodbye.

The Lyrics…

You say it would be better
If we stopped seeing each other.
If you had only met me first,
When you were free,
’cause now you’ve got commitments.
I should not expect things from you,
That you can’t give to me.
Oh, but baby, can’t you see?

I can’t say goodbye to you,
No matter how I tried.
You’re such a part of me,
Without you, I would die.
Deep, in the heart of me,
I know that you and I
Were meant to be together.
I can’t tell you goodbye.

Neither of us planned
That we would fall in love this way,
But since we did
Why should we be apart?
Sometimes, some things happen
That can never be explained.
Now, it’s too late for me;
I’ve already given you my heart.

Who knows why we choose,
When we choose the ones we love?
Who knows why we do the things
We do, when we’re in love?
I know that you’re a decent man,
And you try to do what’s best,
But how can I forget
All the feelings we have shared?

This is the cover version of Terry Gregory of “I Can’t Say Goodbye To You”.

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