September 28

Hee Haw Gospel Quartet’s Rendition of “Amazing Grace”


Many country fans would argue that classic country era has been made and finalized after the 70s and 80s did not just include the cut. This includes the CBS aired television variety show that centers in country music called Hee Haw. It ran from 1969 to 1971 and the fictitious ‘Kornfield Kountry’ place was definitely known to many people. While it mainly focuses on the country outlook and lifestyle, it definitely reached even the urbanest of urban and generated many audience shares. One of the most unforgettable treatments they made was the number of ‘Amazing Grace’ sang by the Gospel Quartet that includes Buck Owens, Grandpa Jones, Roy Clark and Kenny Price.

Hee Haw, Buck Owens, Roy Clark

The show was inspired by Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, the major difference being that Hee Haw was far less topical, and was centered on country music and rural culture. Hosted by country music artists Buck Owens and Roy Clark for most of its run, the show was equally well known for its voluptuous, scantily clad women in stereotypical farmer’s daughter outfits and country-style minidresses (a group that came to be known as the “Hee Haw Honeys”), and its corn pone humor.

The Gospel Quartet almost always closed the show’s last segment. Clark, Owens, Grandpa Jones, and Kenny Price would sing a gospel hymn. Several of their performances were released as recordings. Joe Babcock took over as lead singer after Owens left the show, and Ray Burdette took over as the bass singer after the death of Kenny Price, but the Quartet was not featured as often from that point on. However, the show still closed with a gospel song—if not by the Quartet, then by the entire cast, a guest gospel artist, or cast member Lulu Roman

In this video below, The Gospel Quartet tried to deliver the ultimate country experience with the song ‘Amazing Grace:’



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