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No Goodbyes, Only Pure Happiness on “Heaven’s Bright Shore”


No Goodbyes, Only Pure Happiness on "Heaven's Bright Shore" 1

“Heaven’s Bright Shore” is a bluegrass gospel song recorded by Alison Krauss and the Union Station band in 1989 for the album Two Highways. Krauss also had a version of the song with the late bluegrass artist Ralph Stanley. On the same year (1989), the American gospel group Heritage Singers came up with their own cover of the tune.

Together with those artists who were captivated by the song, let’s pause for a moment and feel heaven’s embrace while immersing ourselves in the lyrics.

Getting Immersed In The Lyrics

Humming the song’s opening, you’ll get a view of that place where splendid grace reigns. With God by your side, an overflowing happiness will surely engulf your heart. The next thing you knew, you’re on heaven’s bright shore.

Out on the hills of glory land
So happy and free at God’s right hand
They tell of a place of marvelous grace
On heaven’s bright shore

The next line talks about that place – humans’ final destination once their journey on earth comes to an end. But there’s an emphasis on ‘trusting God’ as an essential factor for one to succeed in entering that place’s door.

Pilgrims on earth someday will go
To live in that home forever more
Trusting in Him who died for sin
And rose from the grave

A Place of Everlasting Bliss

The chorus comprises of lines unfolding heaven’s bright shore. A place where everyone can live for eternity. No one will ever experience sufferings of all forms. There, nobody’s going to shed a tear as there will be endless joy while delighting in Him through praises. It made us realize that there’s a better place out there that we could look forward to. Thus, no matter how difficult our life on earth may have been, there’s still hope for us to experience pleasure somewhere.

On heaven’s bright shore (on heaven’s bright shore)
There’s gonna be no more dying (over there)
Not one little grave (not one little grave)
In all that fair land (that wonderful land)
Not even a tear will dim the eye
And no one up there will say goodbye
Just singing His praise through endless days
on Heaven’s bright shore (on heaven’s bright shore)

Ultimately, a graceful entry to heaven’s kingdom is what’s featured in the succeeding verse. Welcoming you to that majestic place is no less than God, the creator of heaven and earth. Could there be the more superior treatment you can get than that? Probably, none. To be welcomed by God to be with Him in His kingdom forever is an enthralling experience that compares to nothing.

When I must cross that rolling tide
There’ll be someone on the other side
Welcoming me to that fair land, made perfect by love
When I walk up the milky white way
I’ll see that home coming in a ray
How great it must be for angels to see
A pilgrim reach home

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Alison Krauss, Heritage Singers, Ralph Stanley, Union Station

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