October 17, 2018

“Heaven” with the Legend Bryan Adams featuring Jason Aldean

It’s every singer’s dream to have a collaboration with a great artist, especially if it is the legendary Bryan Adams. We all know that his genre is Rock but since he is a multi-talented person he also extended his horizon to other styles.

Further, one of them is collaborating with the country artist Jason Aldean. Personally, Adams can be a country singer too. Admittedly he has a great voice, and he has this soulful interpretation of songs just like country singers do.

“The Song that Never Gets Old”

“Heaven” was written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance and it was recorded in 1983. Due to the songs musical arrangement and good feedback to the public, it became a soundtrack of the movie “A Night Heaven.” Further, the song was also included on the album of Adams that was released in 1984 called “Reckless.” In June of 1985, the song became no. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, and it crossed over Canada to become a certified gold in the same year.

 Let us not forget that the single “Heaven” was also included on Billboards Magazine Top Pop Singles as it landed no. 24. The single reached a massive success upon its released gathered a lot of recognition and awards.

“Heaven” got the Procan Award in 1984. The following year it won the BMI. And ten years later it got the Socan Classics Award for having 100,000 radio performances in Canada. In addition, the song’s message portrays on how beautiful it is to fall in love and to feel loved. They say that it is a song full of passion and emotion and it makes you want to fall in love again.

“Two Great Singers”

“Bryan Adams” is a Canadian singer-songwriter and he was born on November 5, 1959.  He started to climb the Music Industry when he released his album “Cuts Like a Knife.” Thus, releasing other chart-topping songs and was made popular even overseas. Likewise, Adams gained a lot of recognition due to his great contribution to the Music Industry. One of his great achievements was when he joined the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Canada’s Walk of Fame. Truly, he is an artist with versatility and passion.


Jason Aldean” as an American Country music singer and he had a collaboration with Brian Adams in the song “Heaven”. Admittedly, Aldean is worthy of collaborating with Adams, technically speaking with regard to his musical background. He is not just a country singer, because he had released various albums and singles that topped the chart. Thus, having him won and being nominated in various prestigious awards. It’s obvious that he is really a talented artist and their duet is a turning point in accepting other kinds of genres.

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