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Is Heaven Real? This Video will Testify that there’s a Destination for Everyone

Is Heaven Real? This Video will Testify that there's a Destination for Everyone 1
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Yes, Heaven is real. It is the place where we’ll meet God after our journey. We all live and we all die. That is our destiny. For us to be able to enter the gate to heaven, there are stipulations we need to have and undergo. The simplest way is to believe in God and Christ. We must obey his rules and we must do well as we still live. But most of all, we must accept God in our hearts and he will embrace us.


Heaven exists beyond the veil that separates the visible kingdom from the invisible kingdom. Man cannot see microorganisms with the naked eye. Nevertheless, we know that they exist among us and have properties and characteristics. In the same way, we know by faith that heaven exists and that it is the place from which God reigns.

Heaven will not need the sun nor the moon to shine on it, for God’s glory gives a brilliant light. There will be no tears or pain in heaven. Our bodies will be transformed, no longer suffering but moving mightily as God directs. For in heaven we will be singing praises to God. The angels will be rejoicing as the saints gather together bowing before God. Any crowns or gifts we receive, we will lay at the foot of Jesus. Christ is worthy to receive honor and glory forever.

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Is Heaven Real? This Video will Testify that there's a Destination for Everyone 2
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Going to Heaven is the assurance of all who have believed in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. But, many who do not profess a belief in Christ also dream of going to heaven. It is the natural thought of man as he sojourns upon this earth.

“Man born of woman is of few days and full of trouble” (Job 14:1).

As a result, there is a longing in all creatures for a better place where there is peace and rest. But, God has reserved heaven for those who love Him, to those who have committed their lives to Him as they live here on earth.

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