June 13

I Can’t Even Help Myself, So “Heaven Help Me”

I Can't Even Help Myself, So "Heaven Help Me" 1
Gretchen Wilson (Image from Youtube)

Just like anybody else, each of us crosses a point in our life where we feel all the burdens have been heavily laden in our shoulder. Gretchen Wilson’s song, “Heaven Help Me” can be the best anthem for fellas out there who are under such kind of state. This song is from the country star’s album, “One of the Boys.”

I’m no stranger to temptation
I have found some comfort there
But it only leaves me with questions
It never answers any prayers
I’ve been as high as angels fly and I’ve fallen straight to hell

As we grow older and mature, our knowledge about what is right and wrong expands. However, as we walk through our journey, temptations keep luring our senses. This world offers a lot of promising stuff that sometimes causes us to compromise our values and principles. Yes, we admit that worldly stuff hand in pleasures that are enthusing, but at the end of the day, our soul gets bothered and we tend to question what went wrong.

I have wounded those who love me
And refuse to take the blame
I have hidden all my demons
But I can not hide my shame

Don’t lose yourself

More often than not, our pride grows with the advancement of our career or success. Once we learn how to fly, we become bored with walking. Aware or unaware, we hurt people around us. Worst, those people who truly care for us are the ones we wound the most with our actions or words. They become the victim of our arrogance and self-regard. Also, we tend to attribute our mistakes to somebody that we forget the essence of humility.

But then again, our soul — our conscience continues to shake us every time we exceed to our limits. That uncontainable hunger and thirst inside attack us whenever our soul feels weak. And, no other foodstuff nor medicine can make us feel better but PRAYER and WORSHIP.

I’ve forgotten who I am
But I know you know me well

Heaven help me
Heaven help me
‘Cause I can’t help myself

Give me wisdom, give me strength
Give me faith above all else

It’s relieving to put all our defenses down, be a child again, and lift our empty hands to heaven. The only way to effectively communicate with God is to acknowledge our mistakes and humbly admit that we are nothing without Him. He is the only one who can fill our emptiness and coat us with pure joy and peace. He is the only one who can bring you back to that beautiful person you really are.

Let us then continue to seek His presence and His guiding hand in our life. May you be filled with God’s unwavering love all your days. God bless you fella.

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