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9 Representations of Heaven by Country Artists Part I

Country music is full of songs promising better days to come in the afterlife. Just as there are plenty of faith-filled country songs, there is also a number of country songs that talk about heaven. We have picked our 9 favorite country songs about heaven, reaching classic artists like Vince Gill to new country singers like Justin Moore.

9 Representations of Heaven by Country Artists Part I 1

Threaten Me With Heaven, Vince Gill

Vince Gill’s wife, Amy Grant, was the one who coined “Threaten Me With Heaven”. She started writing it after visiting her seriously ill former father-in-law. According to Grant, after listening to the doctor, the elderly man said,

“Well, what are they going to do? Threaten me with Heaven?”

Amy Grant, Dillon O’Brien and Will Owsley continued writing “Threaten Me With Heaven,” but they asked Gill to help them finish it. Sadly, Owsley, Grant’s guitar player, took his life a year before Gill included the song on his 2011 album Guitar Slinger.

Outskirts of Heaven, Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell penned “Outskirts of Heaven” with Dave Turnbull after reading a line from the Bible talking about heaven. The Book of Revelation tells us that in heaven, there are golden streets and pearly gates and a very big city. In addition, he realized he wanted his heaven to have “dirt roads for miles” and “Dogwood trees and honey bees” instead of what was assured in the Scripture.

In an interview he said,

“I can’t imagine myself living in any big city, Heaven or not. So I’m excited to get to Heaven, but I feel like what I describe in “Outskirts of Heaven” is more my style.”

 Streets of Heaven, Sherrie Austin

Do not get too emotional when you hear this song. It is so heartbreaking in a sense that a mother bids the last goodbye to her little girl. Austin captures the sentiments of a parent very much ready to bid her last farewell without any glitch. With the verses,

“Don’t you know, one day, she’ll be your little girl forever

But right now, I need her so much more, she’s too young to be on her own

Barely just turned seven

So who will hold her hand when she crosses the streets of heaven?”

the song became Austin’s highest-charting hit to date.

Wish You Were Here, Mark Wills

 Skip Ewing, Bill Anderson and Debbie More wrote “Wish You Were Here,” Mark Wills’ first No. 1 hit which also landed in the Top 40 of the pop charts. The tear-jerking song about a man who died in a plane crash includes the lines,

“Wish you were here, wish you could see this place

Wish you were near, I wish I could touch your face

The weather’s nice, it’s paradise.

The character in the song wrote the words in a postcard sent to his significant other, which she receives after he dies.

Is your favorite country song about heaven not here yet? Do not worry. We still have Part II, so stay tuned and visit our website on https://www.countrythangdaily.com/.


Craig Campbell, heaven, Vince Gill

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