May 22

Hearts Melt After Luke Bryan and 5-Year-Old Fan Shares the Stage

As a famed artist, Luke Bryan knows well to give back to his fans and allow them to savor priceless moments he shares with them. Whether it’s through giving them a performance to remember for the rest of their lives or simply signing an autograph and taking a picture with them. During one of his performances, a very tender and sweet moment with a special fan took place. It was in one of his annual Farm Tours at Centralia, Missouri, 15th of October. At that moment, Bryan was just about to wrap his tour’s final dates up. He was singing his heart out and serenading the crowd with his most popular songs, when all of a sudden, he invited someone who probably happens to be one of the youngest members of his fans club on stage.

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Hearts Melt After Luke Bryan and 5-Year-Old Fan Shares the Stage 1

It was a beautiful little girl clad in an adorable pink cowboy hat, white jacket, and blouse, a pair of jeans and a cute pair of brown boots to go with her smashing cowboy outfit. The little 5-year-old lass, Harper House was so surprised and flustered that she hid her face in the country singer’s chest. Who wouldn’t be flustered, right? A very fine-looking singer pulls you up on stage out of nowhere as he fills your ears with his lovely singing voice. Little Harper was at a loss for words and it was obvious that it did make her feel somewhat uncomfortable. It was a relief that she didn’t end up crying and looking for her parents, though!

Meanwhile, as Luke Bryan was charmingly belting out “Roller Coaster”, one of his biggest hits, he got on his knees so he could be at eye-level with the little girl. It was this simple gesture that made the little girl start to feel more at ease. Perhaps being able to see Bryan eye-to-eye no longer made her feel so small on stage. It wasn’t long until little Harper finally gained composure and confidence. She finally felt so at ease that the singer even got her to sing along with him twice! The country star ended the touching scene on a sweet note by planting a kiss on the young lass’s cheek. Fans cheered, swooned and sighed in adoration at the touching scene. Some even said it seemed like Harper had something like a father-and-daughter moment with Bryan.

The concert was an early birthday present for Harper. Her parents surprised her by purchasing VIP passes to the said event.

The Farm Tour was kick-started by Luke Bryan in 2014. It is an annual concert series held at the start of October. Since the event’s first debut, Bryan has performed in various Southern states and farms. Some of the beautiful places his toured are Auburn (Ingram Farms), Athens (Meldon Farm), Gainesville (White Hurst Cattle Company), Fort Wayne (M&J Farms), Knoxville (Maple Lane Farms), Tallahassee (Cross Creek Place), and Tuscaloosa (Twin Creek Farms).


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