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This Heartbreaking Clip from Rory Feek’s “To Joey, With Love” movie still crushes our Heart

“To Joey, With Love” could be considered as one of the most beautiful love letters turned-movie that was written by Rory Feek to his soul mate and half of the band Joey + Rory, Joey Feek.

Joey + Rory Feek


Joey + Rory, Joey’s Fight to Cancer

Last year of March 4, the country duo and probably the country industry’s most loved sweethearts lost its half as Joey Feek at the age of 40 lost the well-fought battle from cervical cancer, stage four. It was a painful, wrenching loss both for Joey’s husband, Rory Feek and the legion of fans who closely monitor their day to day lives even after the band slash real life couple decided to lead a normal life.

In his blog This Life I Live, Rory Feek started documenting their lives without an actual reason as to why he is fond of taking those footages. Little did he know that it was the beginning of an unforgettable and traversing story. From the start that they are at the pinnacle of their career to the birth of their daughter, Indiana and to the afflicting story on how Joey shaved her hair because of chemo and how he ultimately lost his wife to the disease. All of these were chronicled.

In his blog, Rory Feek chronicles the following on his blog posts:

I mostly am still a little bit in awe of her being gone,” “I just sort of feel her everywhere and it feels strange that she’s not here. I find myself just more thinking about the finality of it and how much I miss her.” “We had Joey’s funeral in early March and by late March or early April, I was going through the footage and at that point I couldn’t remember Joey healthy and happy. And strong. And alive. I could only remember her dying and courageous and all of that.”


Indiana, Joey’s Last Moments

When the documentary movie “To Joey with Love” was shown in theatres, people were already trying to prepare what kind situation they’re getting into. Not only it’s a real life and love story of the duo but it’s already a guarantee that the movie has a sad ending.

On this clip, we see Indiana who is still a cute kiddo playfully wiping Joey’s sweet kisses and chuckling every time Joey pulls away. On our thoughts, we could only hope or say “If only the baby’s aware” thinking that this cute angel would have a loss of a loved one at a very young age. Yet we wanted to think that at this very moment, being unaware is bliss as Joey spends her time on someone very close to her heart and would just look at her like it’s an ordinary day.

In the end, we could only realize that people may leave but memories like this movie and their stories are what keep them alive and braving time.

Watch the adorable clip below:


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