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“Heartbeat In The Darkness”, The Final No.1 Hit Of Don Williams

“Heartbeat In The Darkness”, The Final No.1 Hit Of Don Williams 1

All in all, Don Williams had a total of seventeen No.1 hits on the country charts. His final No.1 song was “Heartbeat In The Darkness”.

The Song…

Dave Loggins and Russell Smith are the people behind the lyrics. The song is Don Williams’ seventeenth No.1 song on the country charts. Also, it spent a whole week at No.1 on the chart. In addition, it was released in 1986 and the second single from Williams’ “New Moves” album.

As a matter of fact, the hit surpassed the songs of other greatest artists such as “Desperado Love” by Conway Twitty which was No.2, “Country State Of Mind” by Hank Williams Jr. which peaked at No. 3, “Sometimes A Lady” by Eddy Raven at No.4, and “Little Rock” by Reba McEntire at No.5.

The Music Video…

Don Williams made a music video of the song which, amazingly, was the first conceptualized music video. With this, Williams was regarded as the very first country artist to produce a concept music video. As a result, other country artists tailed what he had started.

The Story…

Furthermore, the four-minute music video shows Williams singing in a moving tour bus. William’s face can be seen with deep thoughts. Perhaps a memory of the past. The video switched into Williams driving his Cadillac. Then there’s another Cadillac on the other side of the road driven by a woman. They both stared at each other. This can be understood that Williams’ remembering the someone in his past.

In the middle of the clip, Williams is getting inside a tour bus. Then another picture swapped into Williams singing with his band on a stage. Afterwards, Williams is in his house with his dog. Finally, at the end part shows Williams’ lying on a couch inside the tour bus.

The music video simply means Williams’ emotions and life journey about the song “Heartbeat In The Darkness”.

The Lyrics…

Cadillac smiles in the ladies’ styles in this world
They ain’t no part of me
A hundred dollar bill can cure your ills in this world
But it ain’t no good to me

You see money and clothes are easily burned
People and cars are easily turned around
Looking for something that’ll last me all of my life
I’m listening for the sound

I wanna hear her heartbeat
In the darkness
Everynight of my life
I wanna hear a heartbeat
In the darkness
Next to mine

A woman trying to find a diamond mine
Ain’t my kind, she ain’t no use to me
Big estate with a wrought-iron gate
A mansion on the hill, ain’t where I wanna be

You see without love a house ain’t a home
A diamond ain’t no more than a stone in the ground
I’d give evry material thing I own in this life
If I could just hear the sound

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