August 25

Heart-Melting Video Texas Cop and 92-year-old Woman

Heart-Melting Video Texas Cop and 92-year-old Woman 1A video of a Texas Cop and a 92 year-old woman was caught on a dascam, they are dancing to a country song the other day and the video is still going viral. Minnesota’s Millie Seivier was dancing in the parking lot to Officer Kim Lenz’s radio music.

“Stay a Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne was playing. Officer Lenz was on the parking lot the same as Seiver, then she began to dance with the tune. Not the one to let a sweet old lady to dance alone, officer Lenz turned the music up and also began to start dancing with Seiver.

KAAL-TV spoke to Seiver about how nimble she is at 92. “I’d like to see more people be more active, out walking and things like that.”

“I don’t know, I was just so amazed, I was so shocked. I didn’t think it would go any further than that. Probably a little proud, I suppose, of the fact that it drew attention that I’m able to do what I can do.” Seiver said in regards to the viral response.

The video served as welcome relief from all the division and contention os social media lately. The commenters to the page echoed that sentiment.

“People in America could use a lot of lessons from Millie and those in blue,” wrote one commenter. “If all of us had a little Millie in us this country would be a much better place.”

The video also reached the Brothers Osbourne and the tweeted: “God bless our friends in blue and may we all be as young as Millie one day.”



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