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How Can We Have “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”?

It makes sense that the name Easter would be important on the gospel music scene. In North Carolina, the Easter family has spawned several musical aggregations with the extended lifespan of the resurrected, as well as a multitude of spin-off musical projects. Easter family groups are diverse in age — one can book the elderly original Easter Brothers or bring in the youthful Easter Bunnies, none of whom are old enough to drink. Not that they’d want to, all sharing a strict Christian outlook.

The Easter Family

How Can We Have “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”? 1

The Easter name first appeared in the professional gospel music world in the early ’50s, when Russell Easter, Sr., James Easter, and Edd Easter began playing a combination of bluegrass and gospel music in North Carolina. This was the original Easter Brothers. Each brother became a father, and these various offspring became musically talented and eventual Easter Bunnies, hopefully in that order. From Russell Easter, Sr. sprang forth both Russell Easter, Jr. and Rodger Easter.

One thing these Easter males had in common was that they were spending a lot of time sitting on the same bus, riding from gospel show to gospel show. The Easter Brothers reputation as both performers and songwriters was naturally spreading with each day’s travel.

“A Heart That Will Never Break Again”

Here is one of the Easter’s gospel songs, “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”. The song talks about a father’s farewell words to his son. He talks about a place where there is no pain – a perfect place, so to speak. And of course, we all know that this place does exist, it is in heaven.

And I’ll have eyes that will never fill with teardrops

And I’ll have legs that will never ache with pain

And I’ll have hands that will never age and wither

And a heart that will never break again.

Pain is inevitable. Expect to encounter it occasionally. But I guess, we all agree that these pains make us stronger and wiser. There are pains that truly wound us, but please don’t make them cause your bitterness towards life.

As the Easter Family emphasized in the song, all these ugliness shall pass. We are destined to a paradise where unpleasantness has no place to stay. While living here in this world, our temporary home, let us lay our troubles in the Name of Jesus. He takes care of everything. And on that perfect day, we will go Home to a place where we will finally have “A Heart That Will Never Break Again”.

You’ve received these words of encouragement for a purpose. It’s either you need a dose of motivation or you know someone who is perfectly fit to hear the message. With Country Daily, let us become a part of sharing inspiration in our own simple ways. You can also check Gospel Daily for more gospel-centered features.

God bless you and the people you love.


Easter Family

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