“Hear My Song Lord,” a hymn released by the gospel group Gaither Vocal Band, speaks of thanksgiving and admiration to our Lord. Take a listen to it.

Yes I know, Hear my song lord

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“Hear My Song Lord” A Hymn We Should Be Singing Everyday

The message of the hymn talks about asking the Lord to hear the many praises we have for Him; A dedicated message to the wonders and glory that the Lord brings for us every day and the thankfulness of those who receive it.

Oftentimes we talk to God to ask for something big or small. “Lord, bless me today,” “Lord, give me patience,” “Lord hopefully I get that promotion I want,” “Lord, stand by me” among so many others that we ask for every day.

hurricanes and fires, hear my song lord

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There is nothing inherently wrong with that, after all, we pray to communicate, we ask because only God can provide it. That is normal for us to do and many of us indulge in it all the time.

The best part about it is that the Lord always answers, one way or another when we pray to Him, an answer will always come. It may not be how we expected it or what we wanted exactly but God will always answer our prayers.

When they do get answered we are filled with joy, we celebrate, and we then . . . move on. Yes, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, oftentimes we forget to thank God for the blessings. We get so caught up in seeing what’s in front of us that we forget to see the one who gave it to us.

It is not that we are ungrateful but we simply forget. Sometimes we even feel like it is something expected that we should receive the blessings, but that is not true. We are privileged that our God is a loving one and so He showers us with what He can give us. We, in turn, need to remember to thank Him properly and with hymns like “Hear My Song Lord” by the Gaither Vocal Band we can now do it in a melodic way.

hear my song lord

Image lifted from the Gaither Vocal Band official Facebook page