March 26

“Where He Leads Me:” A Song That Will Lead You to God

hank williams where he leads me

The most difficult thing to do is give up everything we have and follow Jesus. We get so comfortable with our daily lives, the routine, the food we eat, the people we talk to, and the things we have. If we change or take out one of these, we won’t like it. It is said that the more worldly things you have in life, the more difficult it is to follow the Lord. Do you know why? It’s simple, because we fall in love with material things, that when asked to give it up, we can’t.

Most people think that following God means giving up all the things that will make them happy. However, the truth is this: following God will actually make you happier than you ever thought of. The material things in this world can only give us temporary happiness, but with God, it will last forever. Right now you might not believe it, but soon you will realize that God is far greater than what you have.

Where He Leads Me, We Must Follow

Where He Leads Me” is a song that talks about a man who proclaimed that he will follow God.  He will not think twice, he will give up everything and follow the Lord. Will you do the same as what the man in the song will do? Will you not think twice, rather leave everything behind and follow the Lord. What do you think will happen when we follow God?

A little Bit About Hank Williams

Hank Williams who is best known for his songs, “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Cold, Cold Heart,” and “Hey, Good Lookin’.” Williams has a condition called Spina Bifida when he was a kid, however, his condition didn’t stop him from being a talented singer. Just like most artists, Williams developed an increase addiction for the use of alcohol and drugs, which some believed to be the cause of his death. Williams died at the age of 29, in 1953. In addition, He is the father of the known country singer Hank Williams Jr.


hank williams, where He leads me

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