March 28

There’s Assurance of God’s Presence in “He is Here”

There's Assurance of God's Presence in "He is Here" 1

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Our God is indeed an awesome God. Although we don’t see Him personally, He works in ways that allow us to see, hear, and feel His presence. He even promised to be with His people no matter what happens. This sweet promise of God was clearly inscribed in the Scripture; something we can always turn to whenever we feel alone or despondent.

“He is here” is a three-word statement that’s strong enough to calm our troubled mind and strengthen our weak spirit. The truth behind it is so beautiful and full of assurance that we are never alone in this world.

A Song That Speaks of God’s Presence

American Southern gospel performer/songwriter Kirk Talley wrote the song “He is Here” during his tenure with The Talleys. He was a member of The Cathedrals until 1984. In 1992, Dove Awards tendered the “Song of the Year” accolade to The Talleys for the song “He is Here.” In addition, the song was nominated for the 34th annual Grammy Awards in the same year.

“He is Here” is a song that affirms God’s presence. It’s a beautiful tune that anyone could take refuge in anytime and will feel renewed. Let’s not take for granted the wonderful gift that comes from the truth behind the song. Instead, let us treasure it as a precious reality that lives in us day by day. We now open our hearts as we listen to the Gaither Vocal Band’s stirring delivery of the song.

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