December 5

“When He Was On the Cross (I Was on His Mind)” by The Paynes

A song by the Paynes with Ronnie Hinson
Vocalist: Loreen Payne

The story of the cross never ceases to fascinate Christ followers.

The cross, as a symbol, takes on a deeper meaning beyond just a remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice to redeem mankind. It has almost become synonymous with ‘love’ with Jesus being the expressed image of the Father’s love. That was what Ronald Payne and Ronnie Hinson memorialized in “When He Was On the Cross.”

Historically, Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross was the hinge by which mankind’s fate swung from the door of doom to that of redemption. Not a few armchair theologians and those in formal practice would affirm that Jesus was not an unwilling victim and was only submitting to the will of His father. He was a volunteer despite foreseeing the severity of paying man’s debts with his life. This is a demonstration of sacrificial love to its extreme. Without it, man’s eternal future would be bleak.


Every time a believer wraps that around his mind, he could not help, but be emotional. For what is a man, but small, pathetic, ingrates whose thoughts and acts were always evil?  Why would the king of the heavens and the maker of all things personally step from eternity to time to rescue such worthless creatures? Mind-blowing is it not? If that is not loving, then I do not know what is.

That said, this song’s theme was a great choice for the Paynes and other gospel singers or band who have done covers of it. A true classic, first-time listeners would be automatically drawn to the title alone, and more with the lyrical description. Sang alone or in a group, “When He Was On the Cross” would stir a sincere appreciation to the undeserved favor we have received.



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