Having a person leave a group despite the lavish success would be an emotional scene. We have seen a lot of groups or bands that have been together for a long time and then suddenly, they parted ways. Anyhow, others leave a certain group to pursue a solo career and for them to grow personally. But, whatever the reasons are, sometimes it is for the betterment of everyone.

I have seen a lot of groups that separated. Of course, it’s hard, especially if you are their number one fan. But hey, if you’re a real fan then let’s go ahead and support them. Just like Creedence Clearwater Revival who split at the height of their career. But, their legacy will always be remembered, so let’s listen to one of their hits, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain?”

One the Greatest Bands of All Time

This group is one of the most successful acts in the music industry who dominated the charts during their reign. Moreover, with their influence and contribution, they were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It’s just a bit sad that they did not last in the spotlight because they decided to disband after 6 years of their career. Do still remember the Creedence Clearwater Revival who rose to fame in the ’60s?

Photo Credits: Creedence Clearwater Revival Official Facebook Page

The Hit that Slammed the Charts

This hit became a chart-topper upon its release in 1971, and it was also covered by numerous artists. I guess you’ve already heard the hit “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” from Creedence Clearwater Revival. In addition, the hit is based on the band’s split up for them to concentrate on their solo career. Let’s go ahead and have a throwback Wednesday and enjoy this hit.