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The Lesson Behind George Strait’s Single “I Hate Everything”

When one experiences something unpleasant in their life, they begin to hate things. They find it difficult to look at the brighter side, and they begin thinking that nothing is worth living. We cannot blame them for feeling that way because sometimes bad things can bring us down, but we can learn from it. This is exactly what George Strait has in his single “I Hate Everything.”

Chart Performance of “I Hate Everything”

Strait recorded the song written by Gary Harrison and Keith Stegall in 2004. The song was part of his album 50 Number Ones. “I Hate Everything” has reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, the song placed at number thirty-five on the Billboard Hot 100.

About the Song

Looking at the song’s title, it seems that “I Hate Everything” is a song that is full of negativity. However, if you take the time to listen to it, you’ll get to know what the song is all about. The narrator met a guy on a bar who says that he hates everything, and he just wants to keep on drinking. He talks about his ex-wife who cheated on him, and he began to hate everything now that his life is miserable. He even mentions that the place he is living at is like a prison.

I hate my job

And I hate my life

And if it weren’t for my two kids

I’d hate my ex-wife.

I know I should move on and try to start again,

But I just can’t get over her leaving me for him.

But, this negativity throughout the song led to the narrator realizing somethings in his life. It turns out that he was in the bar because he had a fight with his wife. Meeting that man made him want to change things with his wife. He doesn’t want to end up like the man in the bar, miserable and hating everything in life.

So I pulled out my phone and I called my house.

I said, “Babe, I’m coming home, we’re gonna work this out.”

The Album 50 Number Ones

George Strait’s album, 50 Number Ones, is a compilation album that contained fifty songs of Strait that reached number one on the chart. His album placed at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums and Billboard 200. It even entered the Canadian Albums chart at number eight.


George Strait

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