Happy Cows Released after Staying in a Barn for Months

February 12, 2019

Freedom is innate for humans. Of course, no one wants to be confined in a room forever. Humans also love freedom so much because this is the only time wherein they can express their real feelings, thoughts, and actions. Moreover, animals love their freedom, too. Yes, you heard it right! Animals love to move freely and do whatever they want.

But what if for some reasons, you were asked to stay in a room for, let’s say, 2 months? What will you feel, and how will you react about it? Sounds depressing, right? Anyhow, even animals feel the same way once they are confined in a closed place. Now, let us go ahead and take a closer look at the main provider of our dairy products. These lovely cows were released after staying in a barn for a few months, and their reaction is priceless.

Happy to be Free

Winter is one of the worst seasons for some. Why? It's because you cannot play outside or go to the beach, and it is so hard to get out of the bed because of the cold weather. How much more for the cows who were confined in a barn for a few months? Anyway, the owner needed to do it because these animals will die outside due to the freezing temperature. It’s just sad that they were not able to see the wide green meadow and feel the warmth of the sun for a long time. But, the most awaited moment broke their sadness when spring has arrived. These harmless creatures can go back to their normal routine since winter is over.

Photo Credits: holeintheclouds.net

It’s priceless to see how these animals express their happiness towards the good news. In the video, you can see that some of them are jumping up and down. Furthermore, some tourists and locals gathered to witness this heartwarming reaction.